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 Yart Foodstuff Machinery Co., Ltd.

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            tianqiao district,

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dough sheeter


YART Dought Sheeter


YART-600 Power:0.75Kw Roll Width:600mm Thickness Adjustment:1mm-40mm


YART-420 Power:0.4Kw Roll Width:420mm Thickness Adjustment:1mm-40mm


YART-520  Power:0.5Kw Roll Width:520mm Thickness Adjustment:1mm-40mm


Gear-box for all kinds of Dough Sheeters is oil-impregnated,Dough sheeters is robust,reliable,durable and easy to use.It is recommended to use this type of machine in bakeries where pastry products are also produced.There models are available,please see the above technical parameters:

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