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tunnel oven

Electric/Gas tunnel oven


Bread ;cake ;moon cake ; biscuit;toast ;French bread and so on .

Thechnica Characteristics :

. Great baking capacity and it can be applied for baking bread, hamburger, cake, moon cake, and biscuit and

      so on.

. Series of uninterrupted baking mode applied. The raw material is inputted from entrance and the product comes out from exit.

. Operation is easy. Once set up oven temperature and rate, the machine works automatically. Manpower saving.

. The framework of main body is made of enlarged and extra strong steel, which is high-quality, avoiding distorts due to long-time


. Adopt high quality heat preservation materials, energy and cost saving.

. Artificial intelligence micro-computer adopted. Get operated by touching the screen easily.

. Gas type and electric type supplied according to clients’ needs, length and width can be ordered in advance.


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