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New rack oven


    Outside of new kinds rack oven         After take apart the new kinds rack oven



This kinds rack oven can split two parts , so that can make the cilents shipping and install more convenience.

Technic Characters

High efficiency, Low consumption Our Ovens adopt computer CAXA2 designing,using the numerical control punch to cut and so on making system.So that,as the same time of guarantee the baking quality, we give more attention to the client's using economy, and make the oven reach the best energy saving effect.

Absolute safety There are 3 kinds of safety sys tems inside of the oven,in anycase,there will not any accidents.

Cleanness and Environmental protection The diesel oil type and natural gas type ovens are all designed through especial burning style,make the fuel burning enough,the gas be expeled from the oven is higher than the country stated standard.Each oven be equipped with automatic exhaust blower and improve the food factories producing environment.

Intelligent Control The whole machine's tempe rature,time,rotary system,and burning system are all adopt the coherent intelligent control style,make the operation easier.

Wide Applicability It is suitable for baking all kinds of breads,toast,yolk pie,moon cakes,crisp steamed-bread sheet,Chinese-styled cakes and so on.

Even Condition of Fire Even and bright fire which can't be compared by ordinary ovens.

Super Heat Preservation It adopts 3 layers and has good heat preservation capability, high density silicic acid aiuminium materials,the tight sealness reduces the loss of heat to the maximum.

Superb Vapour The superb steam system can supply sufficient vapour at any time in accordance with technological requirements. When this system need the vapour, it can turns the 8kgs water into the vapour within 20 seconds,satisfy with the baker's requirement to the food quality.

Daylight illumination Adopting daylight illumina ting lamp tube,people can really observe wheather the food's baking fire is good enough or not through the double deck glass doors.


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